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May 17, 2011:

We are pleased to have helped to lauch a new educational product onto the UK, US and Autralian markets.

Jul 20, 2010:

New for 2010 please check out  have our innovation blog. Which will contain useful information regarding developing your products.

Jan 22, 2010:

Technical documentation production in 3D CAD for enterprise organisation.

Additional info

The core capability of The BIG Consultant is facilitated by a strong network of contacts built though direct work with SolidWorks, local business, regional bodies, institutions and in specialises in product development. Please contact our consultants at The BIG Consultant with regards to enquires for product design, mechanical engineering, training, sales or rapid prototyping and if the consultancy cannot solely provide the service, we are linked to providers and manufacturers who can and will collaborate on projects getting you the best value. We are based near Sheffield in Rotherham, South Yorkshire UK.

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General information

The BIG Consultant is a multi-disciplinary company of product desigers that provides

"We are experts in innovation!"

Specialising in engineering, product development, and marketing you can be assured of reliability, quality and a first class service.

click for more information- A growing demand is 3d Animation and product visualisation (left). Click on the picture to learn more.

- Computer aided design data can also be used for our Rapid Prototyping service, producing  Engineering Drawings, FEA and standard ISO design drawing.

There is wealth of tremendous product development tools, available throughout the product lifecycle, that can help to optimise your products. The BIG Consultant can help you.

Other Services


We have the capacity to deliver a wide range of  helpful services specialising in design, engineering, training and presentation.

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Technical documentation & Technical Documentation design and publishing.

- 3D CAD and analysis (including Engineering calculations )

- Creative product designers


- Product Innovation, design and development, presentations customers, ROI calculations for clients and investors, and business plans.


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Please contact our product development team or call on 07879 498079 to discuss your requirements