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Featured project
We drew up the 3D CAD for this new concept in FireFighting. Click images for video of the FireBug in action!
Prototype Model
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SolidWorks Drawing
New Service Update!
What is The BIG Consultant ?
We now have 3D Printing and training services - click image to view!
The BIG Consultant is a multi-disciplinary company of product desigers, engineers and thinkers that specialise in assiting individuals, entrepreneurs and employee's within companies to make money, develop and present their ideas and make your concept into a reality!
Our Machine!
Our 3D Hub
What The BIG Consultant is not ...
We are not interested in 'blue-sky' thinking. We like to get things made cost effectively! So we utilise the latest in 3D CAD / CAM, 3D printing, concept generation, video and presentation to get your ideas across, or better yet designed for manufacture!
Simulation & Calculation
Technical presentation
Concept development
Design engineering
We can take your concept from skeched drawing to fully realised CAD models to discover what ... read on
Can engineering drawings be  the solution to quality issues in your manufacturing plan when ... read on 
Help is available to present new ideas and services which can actually save time and money where ... read on
You may or may not have heard of simulation, but it is important to discover new methods which on