Latest news:

Nov 12, 2009:

We have joined the Techmesh network promoting Yorkshire Product Design. And networking innovation hubs.

Dec 14, 2009:

New for 2010 SolidWorks training for Mechanical Engineers Sheffield based and on-site or online.

Jan 22, 2010:

Technical documentation production in 3D CAD for enterprise organisation.

The BIG Consultant

Most design consultancies provide either Product Design or Mechanical Engineering services. The BIG Consultant serving London provides much more!

Product Design1. Product Design Consultancy

The Product Design Consultancy London can access that providing the best UK Product Development, a team focussed on Design in the UK, and a commitment to high quality Product Development in London.

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Mechanical Engineering2. Mechanical Engineering

London Mechanical Engineers provide mechanical engineering to the UK, further London product development services and London Mechanical Engineering services. The BIG Consultant provides tooling design in London, Engineering Drawings in London and  product analysis for the UK as a region.


Rapid Prototyping3. Rapid Prototyping

We provide to London, Rapid Prototyping, production prototypes, product testing and mockups.

A range of methods are available including Selective Laser Sintering ,SLS, SLA and fabricated components to produce working models. The best Rapid Prototyping in the UK!


Tutorial4. Training Services

Training is available for Solidworks tutorials looking to make the most of advanced CAD CAM in London. Services for Continued Professional Development in London & the UK schools and colleges in addition to staff training & home tutoring either online, onsite or in groups.


Product Design5. Help for Inventors

Help for inventors in London or inventions in the UK. We provide a Invention service in London and for the UK Inventors.

The BIG Consultant provides Inventors advice and Invention help with patents, search, concept development and product launch.


3D Visualisation6. 3D Visualisation

In addition, 3D Visualisation London provides Product Visualisation to the UK and beyond. 3D Animation can provide ROI and save development costs.



Uniquely, we can provide a full life-cycle commitment to your product.

We provide London Product Development services that focus on "Decent Professional Work at Decent Prices", a technical ability and an innovative approach to problem solving for our the UK customers.

We intend to be the best design consultants in London, but the most useful design consultants in the UK and possibly even the best design consultants in the UK.

We can and will meet those needs and all the product design London should require. We are looking forward to your contact



Further Enquiries

Please contact us with regard to your specific requirements, ideas and issues.